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Advanced Adobe InDesign Training Workshops

Advanced Adobe InDesign Training Courses and Workshops

InDesign has near magical features that can smooth your working day… Learn automation secrets, deep style sheet lore, baseline solutions, and a billion other workflow wonders.

There’s an agenda, and a basic outline, to be sure, but it’s a workshop and it goes where you want it to… Possible topics  are listed here, but please, bring your own questions.

Who should attend?

This course is for graphic designers, production people, layout artists, artworkers  and others who’ve been using InDesign regularly but want to find out more about what InDesign can do and to work more efficiently and smarter.

Course outline

Advanced Rules and Grids

  • Working with a Baseline grid
  • Understanding Column guides
  • Working efficiently with guides
  • Using Smart Guides

Advanced Styles

  • Working with Word and styles
  • Using nested and looping styles
  • Understanding the Next Style… option
  • GREP styles
  • Creating tables of contents
  • Using Quick Apply

Pages, Masters and Sections

  • Creating island spreads
  • Working with Parent/Child Master pages
  • About Sections and Chapters
  • Reusing Master Pages
  • Layers and Master items
  • Automatic Layout Adjustment
  • Using Smart Text Reflow
  • Using the gridify features

Using Scripts and Plug-ins

  • Understanding scripts
  • Using and adding scripts
  • Amending scripts
  • About Plug-ins
  • Managing plug-ins

Text Variables and Conditional Text

  • What are text variables?
  • Creating and using Text Variables
  • Setting up and using Conditional Text

More Text

  • Text and Word Import options
  • Advanced Find/Change and the Find/Change by list script
  • Using the Story Editor
  • Linking to Text files
  • Spelling and user dictionaries
  • Creating Footnotes and Cross References
  • Anchoring objects in text

Advanced Typography

  • Using OpenType fonts
  • The Glyph panel and Glyph Sets
  • Understanding Composition methods
  • Using Bullets and lists features

Books and Chapters

  • Understanding books
  • Creating and synchronising books
  • Books, master pages, numbering and styles

Paths, drawing and shapes

  • Using the Pen and other drawing tools
  • Using the Pathfinder panel
  • About compound paths
  • Creating paths from type

Advanced Graphics

  • Using layered Photoshop and Illustrator files
  • Importing PDF and InDesign Files
  • Working with transparency
  • Understanding Colour Management

Reusing Assets

  • Creating and using object Libraries
  • Understanding Snippets and INDX

Using Data Merge

  • Preparing for Data Merge
  • Creating merged documents

Introduction to Creating Interactive Documents

  • About interactivity
  • Creating hyperlinks, bookmarks and buttons
  • Adding multimedia


  • Working with live preflight
  • Setting up preflight conditions