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Advanced Dreamweaver Workshops

Advanced Photoshop Training Course

Been using Dreamweaver for a while but feel, dag nab it, that there’s gotta be more behind this web development behemoth than meets the eye? Your suspicions are correct! There’s quite a lot of non-obvious stuff tucked away in Dreamweaver’s capacious code base and Andrew’s Advanced Dreamweaver course’ll drag it out into the light of day.

Who should attend?

People who’ve been using Dreamweaver for a while but feel they could use some deeper knowledge – web developers, graphic designers, administrators and marketeers… 

Course outline

Making the most of code view

  • Code Navigator
  • Live View
  • Related Files
  • Inspect mode

CSS and Dreamweaver

  • Understanding CSS AP Elements
  • Understanding Dreamweaver’s CSS Layout Templates
  • Creating styles for other media types

Using Find / Replace

Advanced Dreamweaver Templates

Working with other users

  • Check In / Check Out and Synchonise
  • Comparing files

Adding interactivity to your pages

Validation, reports, SEO and accessibility

jQuery Widgets

Extending Dreamweaver

Working with Photoshop and Dreamweaver