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Adobe Photoshop Advanced Photoshop Workshops

1 Day Course

  • 30th January 2018 - £250.00 (GBP)
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For established Photoshop folk – one day’s deeper investigation into  the phenominal (and vast) feature-set of Adobe fabulous photo-editor.

Find out more about masks, get the scoop on smart objects, retouch, colour correct and much much more.

Advanced Photoshop Training Courses

The Advanced Photoshop course is for the more confident image editor, someone who’s been around Photoshop for a while, but wants to up the ante. Get serious, close and intimate with Andrew’s Advanced Photoshop – workflow, colour correction and management, Bridge, Camera Raw, hidden gems, even Lab colour explained… Demonstrate your commitment! Get Advanced!

Who should attend?

People who’ve been using Photoshop for a while, but want to know more – for graphic designers, marketeers, photographers, web designers – anybody who want to take Photoshop further.

Course outline

Colour Management

  • How Colour management works
  • Creating colour profiles
  • Choosing working spaces
  • Assigning and converting colour profiles
  • Soft proofing

Colour Correction

  • Understanding Channels and Colour Modes
  • Curves and channels
  • Converting images to black and white
  • Working with Lab colour
  • The Blend modes
  • Using Adjustment layers and the Adjustment panel

HDR and Bit Depth

  • Understanding bit depth
  • Working with 16 bit images
  • 32 bit images and HDR
  • About HDR
  • Merge to HDR
  • Using HDR Pro

Smart Objects, Layers and Image Stacks

  • Using Smart Objects
  • Smart Filters
  • Aligning and blending layers
  • Content Aware Scaling
  • Using Image Stacks

Further with Filters

  • Using Unsharp Mask…
  • Vanishing Point
  • Noise Reduction
  • Lens Correction
  • Photomerge
  • Liquify

Shape Layers, Vector Masks and Fill Layers

  • Creating and modifying Shape layers
  • Creating Custom Shapes
  • Fill and Pattern and Gradient Layers
  • Creating Vector Masks
  • Using Layer Comps
  • Sharing Layer Comps
  • Layer Comps in InDesign

Slicing images for the web

  • Why Slice?
  • Using Slices
  • Setting Slice export options
  • Creating animations

Using Adobe Bridge

  • Bridge Workspaces
  • Ratings and keywords
  • Creating Collections in Bridge
  • Batch processing from Bridge

Camera Raw

  • Understanding Camera Raw files
  • Camera Raw Workflow
  • Editing in Camera Raw
  • About DNG

Tailored and on-site training

• Choose dates that suit you
• Custom course content
• Cost-effective
• Can be held at your workplace

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