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HTML for Email and Marketing Newsletters

HTML for Email and Marketing Newsletters Training Course

WTF Andrew’s HTML for Email course will teach you all you need to update, create, design and distribute HTML emails for marketing newsletters.

Email comes our way from all sorts of different sources and we read it in all kinds of different software like Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, Yahoo, Thunderbird and lots more. So designing an HTML email campaign can be quite… challenging – all those different email clients have got their own unique take on the world – to get your message across you need to know what to expect and how to plan and design around potential pitfalls.

Who should attend?

Marketing people, graphic designers, administrators, project managers, customer liason people – anyone who needs to design or oversea HTML emails and marketing newsletters or uses services like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or similar.

Course outline

Understanding HTML and email clients

  • About Web Standards, the W3C and WHATWG
  • About email clients

Introducing HTML

  • Markup, Tags, and Attributes
  • Adding HTML Structure
  • Creating links
  • Adding and preparing images for HTML emails
  • About links and images
  • What is a website
  • What makes an HTML email?

Writing and testing HTML Emails

  • Which tools to use
  • Testing HTML emails

Laying out and formatting HTML Newsletters

  • Understanding tables
  • Understanding fonts and colours
  • About CSS
  • Using inline styles

Troubleshooting HTML Email layouts

Understanding Spam filters