WTF Andrew

Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver


You want to make a website. You want to use Adobe Dreamweaver. How difficult could it be? You’ve used software before right? And then it becomes clear. Dreamweaver plain doesn’t work like normal software and while it may be the most popular web design tool out there it doesn’t make many concessions to novice users… There’s some good reasons for this: in order to use Adobe Dreamweaver successfully you need to understand at least a couple of the technologies that create the web – specifically you need to understand HTML and CSS – unless you do Dreamweaver’s not going to get you very far.

Andrew’s Introduction to Adobe¬†Dreamweaver course makes no bones about this and combines teaching how to use Dreamweaver with a crash course in HTML and CSS – super solid foundations on which to build super solid websites.

This course can be run at your workplace, in Bristol or elsewhere in the UK.

Who should attend?

Designers, marketing people, administrators and content editors, studio supervisors and anyone else who needs to work with and understand Adobe Dreamweaver who’ve had not much or no experience with HTML and CSS.

Course outline

Understanding the WWW

  • How Web Pages Work
  • About HTML 5, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax and Flash
  • The World Wide Web Consortium, WHATWG and Web Standards

Introducing Dreamweaver

  • Dreamweaver Workflow Overview
  • The Workspace
  • The Document Window
  • Customising the Workspace
  • Viewing Reports

Planning and setting up a site

  • Local and Remote Sites
  • Managing Sites
  • About the assets panel

Creating and Editing Pages

  • About HTML structure and CSS
  • Headings, Titles and SEO
  • Lists and other structural tags
  • Hyperlinks
  • Dividing pages into sections

Adding images to your pages

  • About web graphics formats
  • Images and accessibility
  • Image links

Adding Media

  • Understanding Plugins
  • Adding Audio and Video

Introducing CSS

  • How CSS works
  • What CSS can do
  • Creating and attaching stylesheets
  • About CSS selectors
  • Using the CSS panel
  • Managing CSS rules

CSS Layouts

  • Understanding CSS box properties
  • Working with floats and clears
  • About background images

Templates and Library Items

  • About Dreamweaver Templates and Library items
  • Creating and managing templates and other assets

Publishing your site

  • About meta data
  • Using FTP to upload your site
  • Understanding Check In / Check Out
  • Using Synchronise