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Photoshop for Photographers

Photoshop for Photographers Training Course

Fantastic as Photoshop’s vast feature set is sometimes your final goals are more focused – Photoshop for Photographers aims it’s viewfinder on what photographers need… And it turns out that Photographers don’t need Photoshop as much as they used to… find out how Photoshop’s essential companions Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw (both included as part Photoshop) can considerably smooth your workflow. Not to mention how to use PS for retouching, panoramas, composites and other mind-bending feats.

Who should attend?


Course outline

The Photoshop Workspace

  • Tools, Options, Menus and Panels
  • Workspace customisation features
  • Tool and Document presets
  • Setting your Preferences
  • Document navigation
  • Introducing layers
  • The History panel and undoing
  • About ACR and Bridge

Photoshop and Colour

  • Bit depth
  • The Histogram
  • Understanding channels and colour modes
  • Colour management

Photoshop – Photographers Workflow

  • Understanding image formats
  • About Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw
  • Importing images
  • Rating and sorting images
  • Resizing, cropping and rotating
  • Compensating for lens distortion
  • About image metadata

Enhancing images in Photoshop and ACR

  • About contrast and colour correction
  • Understanding Curves
  • Using Photoshop
    • The Adjustment menu
    • Using Adjustment Layers
    • Editing in Lab Colour
  • Using ACR
    • How ACR works
    • Adjusting images in ACR
  • Sharpening
    • Using the Unsharp Mask filter
    • Sharpening in ACR
    • Other sharpening methods
  • Noise Reduction
  • Converting images to Black and White

Retouching images

  • How brushes work
  • Using Photoshops retouching tools
    • Clone and healing tools
    • The Liquify Filter
    • The Vanishing Point filter
    • Red eye tool
    • Replacing colours
  • Using ACR for basic retouching

Selections and cutouts

  • Understanding and working with selections
  • The marquee tools
  • Quick selection and magic wand tools
  • Feathered selections
  • Refine edges
  • Working with paths
  • What are paths?
  • Making smooth cutouts with the pen tool
  • Creating clipping paths
  • Understanding masks and alpha channels
  • Saving selections as channels
  • Quick masks

Using Photoshop Filters

  • About filters
  • Fading filters
  • Using smart filters
  • Sharpening and blurring
  • Unsharp mask
  • Blurs

Creating Composites

  • Working with layers
  • Using layer masks
  • Aligning and blending layers
  • Image stacks
  • Photomerge
  • Creating HDR images

Automation – using Actions and Batchs

  • Creating Actions
  • Batch Processing files
  • Creating Droplets


  • Images for the Web
  • Printing images and resolution
  • Creating galleries