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Adobe Photoshop for the Web

Photoshop for the Web - Training Course

Enhance and edit! Design and deploy!!!

Who should attend?

 Photoshop for the Web is for graphic designers, web developers and anybody else who needs to create images and designs for websites.

Course outline

The Photoshop Workspace

  • Tools, Options and Panels
  • Workspace customisation features
  • Tool and Document presets
  • Document navigation

Photoshop – Key Concepts

  • Introducing layers
  • The History panel and undoing
  • Understanding image formats
  • Bitmaps and vectors
  • Colour modes and channels
  • File formats
  • Save for the Web

Getting stuff done – image editing basics

  • Resizing, cropping and rotating
  • Adjusting brightness and colour
  • Colour channels
  • Using the histogram
  • The adjustment menus

Using Photoshop Filters

  • About filters
  • Fading filters
  • Using smart filters
  • Sharpening and blurring
  • Unsharp mask
  • Blurs

Painting and retouching

  • Introduction to brushes
  • Colour replacement tool
  • Bucket and Gradient tool
  • Clone and healing tools

Making selections

  • Understanding and working with selections
  • The marquee tools
  • Quick selection and magic wand tools
  • Quick masks
  • Feathered selections
  • Refine edges
  • Working with paths
  • What are paths?
  • Making smooth cutouts with the pen tool

Using layers

  • Working with layers
  • Organising layers
  • Using layers masks
  • Layer styles
  • Shape layers
  • Using Layer Comps

Type in Photoshop

  • Typographic features
  • Type layers
  • Type masks
  • Warping type
  • Converting type to paths

Slicing for Web layouts

  • About slicing
  • Creating slices
  • Exporting slices

Creating Animated Gifs

  • Using the Animation panel
  • Exporting Animations

Automation – using Actions and Batches

  • Creating Actions
  • Batch Processing files
  • Creating Droplets