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WordPress Theme and Template Development

Wordpress Theme and Template Development Training Course

There are officially one hundred billion WordPress Themes to choose from and some of them very good indeed, yet, and it’s a sad truth this, not one of ’em is perfect enough to meet your exacting requirements. There’s only one way round it – create your own WordPress Theme.

Who should attend?

People who need to edit or create WordPress Themes, developers, designers, site administrators. Practical experience of HTML and CSS is required.

Course outline

Setting up a development environment

  • Installing XAMP or MAMP
  • About myPHPadmin
  • About mySQL
  • Understanding PHP
  • Installing a local copy of WordPress

How WordPress themes work

  • Template files and template hierarchy
  • WordPress template tags
  • The WordPress Loop
  • Conditional tags
  • Modifying pre-existing themes

Creating your own WordPress Theme

  • Designing for WordPress
  • Your theme folder
  • Modularising your design
  • Creating custom templates
  • The functions.php file
  • Adding widgets and menus
  • About custom fields
  • WordPress taxonomies
  • Search forms

Managing user access

  • About user roles
  • Managing users comments
  • Setting up Author pages

Maintaining a WordPress Site

  • Backing up your WordPress Installation
  • Using Maintenance mode
  • Migrating from a local server to remote